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Best Choice Products Folding Steel Fire Pit Review

When we go camping in Santa Cruz, CA, the campgrounds we’ve stayed at don’t offer fire pits/rings. Campfires are one of the most memorable aspects of camping, so its important to our family to have campfires on every camping trip. So, we purchased a portable fire pit that we bring with us whenever we go to Santa Cruz. This is my real life Best Choice Products Folding Steel Fire Pit Review.

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My oldest daughter practicing starting a campfire.

Fire pits not provided

The Santa Cruz campground owners told us that we can bring our own portable fire pits a long as it has a mesh cover and it has legs so the fire pit doesn’t sit on the ground.

The search

I went to all of the local big box stores trying to find a portable fire pit, but fire pits that were available were the larger type that would sit in your backyard and would not move. Or, they were small but had permanent legs that were not removable or did not fold for easy packing and transport. I was really surprised that I could not find anything local. So, I did some research online and found the Best Choice Products Folding Steel Fire Pit Review.

My thoughts

I like the Best Choice Products Folding Steel Fire Pit because it is very simple, a steel bowl with a wire mesh cover and folding legs. It comes with a fire hook/poker and a travel bag to put everything into. It’s perfect size, 22 inches in diameter, not too big or too small. When you put the fire pit into the travel bag, you remove the handle at the top of the wire mesh dome cover and turn the dome upside down and place into the steel bowl, then you place it in the travel bag. It fits nicely in our travel trailer storage compartment.

We’ve been using the fire pit for almost a year and haven’t had any issues, we’re really happy with our purchase. Hope my real life Best Choice Products Folding Steel Fire Pit Review was helpful! Below is a link to purchase it.

Best Choice Products Folding Steel Fire Pit –

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