I’m just a regular dad and I created this blog to share my dad hacks (tips) with families like you on a variety of topics like family activities, food, reviews and more.

I’m a California native and have loved the outdoors all of my life. As a kid, I went backpacking camping, tent camping, fishing and crabbing with my parents and siblings. Now, my family and I go trailer camping, fishing and crabbing. I enjoy camping on the California coast and in the Sierra Foothills.

When we’re not camping, I enjoy cooking and riding scooters with my kids. I also like helping my kids with their homework, it’s nice to see them learn and grow. And, my wife and I enjoy trying new restaurants and frequenting our favorite restaurants on date nights.

I created this blog because I figured that by sharing my personal dad experiences and insights that I may be able to help other families solve/avoid some of life’s challenges or expose families to new ideas that they may not have considered.

Note, when I write reviews (camping, fishing and home products) for products, I only write reviews for products I’ve personally used and had a good experience with. I don’t typically write reviews for products I don’t like, I prefer to spend my time/energy on products that I like and would recommend to my family and friends. If there are any quirks or issues with a product after I’ve written my review, I typically go back and amend my review with a “note” about what I experienced.

Thanks for visiting my website, hopefully you find an article that you find helpful!

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