Save Money

Find cheap baby stuff for new parents: 4 tips.

I remember when my wife and I were getting ready for the arrival of our first baby. We saved a lot of money by using the hacks below to find cheap baby stuff.

1. Hand-me-downs

We had some friends that had kids before us and they generously gave us baby stuff they no longer needed. I remember that we received a crib and a rocking chair from our close friend.

2. Yard sales

We saved a ton of money by shopping yard sales on Saturday mornings for cheap baby stuff. We often found really nice baby equipment/toys/clothes for pennies on the dollar. The majority of the baby stuff we purchased at yard sales were in good shape. We found baby strollers, clothes, high chairs, baby rockers, baby monitors, etc. My wife would target buying baby stuff from the dads at yard sales because dads typically didn’t know what baby items were worth…watch out dads!

3. Mom groups on Facebook

My wife joined several closed regional mom groups on Facebook. Moms would often sell their used baby stuff and my wife found some great deals in these groups. These groups also helped her sell baby stuff after we were done with them (recycling!), so we often ended up getting the money we paid back and sometimes made a profit! I don’t know if there are an dad groups on Facebook, but my wife enjoyed being in the groups so I let join the groups.

4. Stores and events

My wife and I visited stores that sold used baby clothes and toys, but we typically didn’t find too many significantly discounted prices. We also went to used baby supplies events like Just Between Friends. We found some good deals at these events.

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