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Lake Camanche Resort South Shore Review

Lake Camanche resort has year-round recreation and fishing. It has 54 miles of shoreline and 7,700 surface acres of water. This is my real life Lake Camanche Resort South Shore Review.

A brief video of our stay at Lake Camanche Resort.

About Lake Camanche Resort

The campground appears to be operated by the Lake Camanche Reacreation Company. It features family and group camping by the lake shoreline, cottages and RV sites. Activities include boating, fishing, swimming, kayaking, equestrian trails and equestrian camping.

Part of the campground is located in Ione, CA (North Shore). The other part of the campground is located in Valley Springs, CA (South Shore). South Shore is about an hour from Sacramento.

The campground offers over 760 tent and RV sites located in two areas: north shore and south shore. There are hillside, shoreline and boat-in camping sites. Alcohol-free campgrounds are also available.

Per the campground website, Lake Camanche is known for great bass fishing. It is also a favorite of trout anglers. 60,000 lbs. of trout are planted every year between October and May.

For more information, please visit Lake Camanche Resort’s website, click here.

Our stay at Lake Camanche Resort South Shore

We stayed 3 days and 2 nights at the South Shore area at the Lake Camanche Resort. Campground allowed pets, so we brought our dogs. We reserved a campsite along the trout pond in the Monument RV Park section. Campground staff were friendly and helpful.

The campsite had a paved area to park our travel trailer, full hook ups, picnic table and a fire pit. The paved pad was long enough to keep our trailer connected if we wanted to.

At the end of the campsite was a sloped grass area that led to the trout pond. You could actually fish from your campsite…which we did. But, we didn’t catch anything. We saw ducks, the kids liked teasing the ducks. The campsites are right next to each other, so we had neighbors on both sides. For me, proximity to other campers was not ideal. I like to be further apart from my neighbors, but having access to the trout pond offset the close neighbors.

We liked the pond campsite overall. But, for the pond campsites people would walk along the edge of the pond and effectively through our campsite. So, there was an additional lack of privacy…like someone walking through your backyard. But, the positive was that our kids got to interact with other kids more than normal.

My wife was concerned about being so close to the pond, she was worried the kids might fall in. But, they didn’t, but it was just one more thing to worry about.

We went fishing, went on walks and cooked over the campfire. We didn’t catch any fish, but that’s pretty typical for most lakes we’ve camped at.


Overall the experience was good at Lake Camanche Resort South Shore. We liked that it’s close to Sacramento, it has full hook ups, it’s clean and has campsites on the pond. The campsite was not as secluded as I like. And, the Monument RV Park section was more developed than we prefer. That is, there was not as much “nature” surrounding us as we like. We prefer camping in the redwood forests surrounded by massive trees or at beaches surrounded by dunes and foliage along the coast. But, it’s a quick and convenient weekend get away. We would visit Lake Camanche Resort South Shore again. Hope you enjoyed my Lake Camanche Resort South Shore Review!

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