My favorite low carb snacks

As I mentioned in my other blog post, How a low carb diet helped me lose weight fast., I lost a lot of weight from changing my eating habits. Now, I strive to eat low whole carb (carbohydrate) foods and I also do intermittent fasting (Intermittent fasting helped me keep the weight off.). So, I wanted to share some of my favorite low carb snacks with you.


Some whole (not processed) fruits are low carb, below are a few of my favorites. Based on what I’ve read, fruits are a good source of two types of fiber, insoluble and soluble fiber. Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water and helps to prevent constipation. Soluble fiber helps lower cholesterol levels and help regulate blood sugar levels.

  • Strawberries – 1 cup, whole – 11 grams
  • Mandarin oranges – 1 medium 2.5″ diameter – 11 grams
  • Grapes – 1 cup – 16 grams
  • Watermelon – 1 cup diced – 11 grams
  • Apple – 1 medium 3″ diameter – 25 grams


My family’s favorite is Whole Milk Mozzarella String Cheese, it has zero carbs, but each stick has 170 mg of sodium in case you’re watching your sodium intake.

Dark chocolate

From what I’ve read, some studies show that dark chocolate has many health benefits. I typically buy 88% cacao dark chocolate bars, above is a picture of one of the brands I like to buy, Equal Exchange. The percentage of cacao represents the ingredient content from the cacao plant. So, for chocolate without any milk content, the remaining percentage is sugar. For an 88% bar, 12% is sugar. For example:

  • 88% Equal Exchange (30 grams) = 9 grams of carbs
  • Hershey’s milk chocolate (39 grams) = 20 grams of carbs

So, I often enjoy dark chocolate with a cup of coffee.

Tortilla chips

I like to buy the local grocery store’s daily made corn tortilla chips. Corn tortillas are made of corn, vegetable oil, salt and water. I have a few chips daily as a snack. Corn tortilla chips, 10 chips (16 grams), have about 17 grams of carbs.

Hard boiled eggs

A hard boiled egg has a high amount of nutrients, protein and healthy fats. And, a large egg only has .6 grams of carbs. I eat them as a snack and crumble them into my salad too.

Hopefully this blog post “My favorite low carb snacks” was able to give you some new snack ideas if you’re practicing a low carb lifestyle.

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