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Screw-On Furniture Glides Review

I have luxury vinyl plank flooring in my formal living, a dining table set with wood legs and small children…not a good combination. So, I purchased some glides and below is my real life Screw-On Furniture Glides Review.

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The Problem

As I mentioned, I have small children and they love to do their crafts on the dining table in the formal dining area. Kids have a short attention span, so they are constantly coming and going, sliding the chairs out to sit down and back in when they leave. So, many years ago I purchased adhesive glides and put them on the bottom of the chair legs to extend the life of my floors.

But, the adhesive glides constantly came off with use. I would have to replace the glides every 1-3 months depending on the level of use. It was a real pain to maintain. So, recently it dawned on me that I should research if there are any other alternatives to adhesive glides. I started looking for other options and I came across the screw-on glides.


The picture below is from product page on Amazon. The glides come in 20 mm to 28 mm diameter glides. Colors options are brown, white and black. Also, the product description below the picture is copied directly from the Amazon page.

  • MULTIFUNCTION-Anti-slip,prevent from marring and scratches, reduces friction vibration & noise while moving furniture chairs tables and lengthen the service lives of furniture & floor.
  • ADVANTAGES-Lasts far longer than stick-on pads and easier replacement. Much stronger connection with furniture foot than nail-on pads.
  • EASY USE-Firstly drill pilot hole,then screw on the pad along the predrill point by screwdriver.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL-High quality sturdy steel screw,high density fine felt pad and ABS plastic case.
  • MUST HAVE-They are great protectors to furniture,tables,chairs,stools and your precious floor.

My Thoughts

So, the screw-on furniture glides were delivered relatively fast. The glides seem to be substantial, but compared to the adhesive glides anything is a step up I guess. The screw-on glides were easy to install, all you need is a phillips head screw driver.

The instructions above said to drill holes first, then screw in the glides to the bottom of the chair leg, but I skipped the drilling step. The tip of the screw is pretty sharp and the wood seemed soft enough to accommodate the screw, so I didn’t have any trouble pushing the screw into the bottom of the chair leg. Depending on the type of wood chair you have, it may be a good idea to drill a hole first.

I have to say, I’m really impressed with the screw-on glides. After installing, I put the chair on the ground and the glides felt securely attached. The chairs seemed to glide on the floor easier than with the adhesive glides. Note, the pictures below are of the glides screwed half way in, after the I took the picture I screwed the glides all the way into the chair leg so the glide was up against the chair leg.

If I have any issues that come up with the performance of the glides, I’ll note it here. The kids will put the glides to the ultimate test. Hopefully you found my Screw-On Furniture Glides Review helpful.

Where to Purchase

40pcs Furniture Glide,Screw-on Felt Pad Slider Floor Protector for Wooden Leg Feet of Chair Table Sofa(Φ28mm or 1.1″,Brown) https://amzn.to/2SkaZXa

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