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weBoost Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster Review

If you often drive into remote areas for camping or work, then check out my real life weBoost Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster Review below.

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The Problem

I go camping often with my family and sometimes during the drive to the campground and/or at the campground, I loose my cell phone signal or the signal is extremely weak. No signal or a week signal doesn’t allow me to use navigation apps or look up gas stations or restaurants. It may cause issues for making phone calls too. It’s so frustrating.

Also, I bring my laptop with me on my trips because sometimes I’ll need to do some work. I use my phone as a mobile hotspot, so I often have slow or no internet access on my computer.

I did some research online for solutions and the product that seemed to be the most widely used, affordable and overall had good reviews was the weBoost Drive Sleek (470135) Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster. So, I purchased it.

Set Up

It’s really easy to set up, it has a cradle and cigarette adapter plug that is located next to you in the front seat. I keep my cradle in my center console when I’m not using it. And, I keep the cigarette adapter plugged into the cigarette lighter at all times. It has a USB port at the end of the cigarette adapter, so my wife keeps her iPhone plugged in because it does not have very good battery life.

A long wire connects the cradle to the booster. The wire can be run along the floor under the front seat to the cell phone booster (a long rectangular shape). It can be placed behind or under the front seat or behind the second row of seats (where mine is located in my three row SUV). The booster can be attached with velcro. Be sure to check the user manual that comes with the cell phone signal booster to verify proper setup of system.

Then, another long wire runs from the booster to the outside antenna. The wire gets clamped between the door and the door frame (see picture below) and doesn’t appear to cause any harm to the wire. Again, check the user manual for recommended method of installation.

The antenna attaches to the car using a strong magnet. I’ve never had an issue with the antenna falling off during a trip. Sometimes I forget that it’s on the roof.

My Experience

I have a Verizon wireless plan. And, when I’m in remote locations, I sometimes get zero to one “bar” of reception. See pictures below from when I was fishing in Duncans Mills, CA. My wife and I both had 1 “bar” of signal strength.

When I’ve used the weBoost cell phone signal booster, it has typically increased signal strength to two to three “bars,” see picture below.

I’ve had the weBoost Drive Sleek (470135) Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster for over a year and I haven’t had any issues. It’s really helped us out in those remote areas. Below is a link to purchase.

weBoost Drive Sleek (470135) Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster with Cradle Mount –

I hope you found my weBoost Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster Review helpful, happy camping!

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