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Sanlinkee LED Rechargeable Work Light Review

If you’re looking for a work light for your electrical home improvement projects or to light up your campsite, then check out my real life Sanlinkee LED Rechargeable Work Light Review.

As I mentioned on my “About” page, the focus of this blog is to help other families. One way I do this is by writing reviews about products that I actually use and like, I generally don’t spend any time on products I’ve had a bad experience with. Sometimes I have to buy several brands of a particular product until I find one I like, which is time consuming and frustrating, so hopefully I help save you valuable time by sharing with you products that work for me.

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I had two problems to solve. First, I needed a very bright portable battery operated directional light for my electrical home improvement projects because I turn off the power in the area where I’m working. Second, camping lanterns are great for lighting the picnic table for camping dinners and providing light so you can see the ground when you’re walking around your campsite, but I noticed they were inadequate for outdoor night time cooking because you need to see how the food is cooking and when it is ready to remove from the stove.


You could have someone stand next to you holding a powerful flash light, but my kids and wife get bored fast, so this wasn’t an option for me. So, I did some research online and learned about work lights. I don’t work in the construction industry, so I was not aware of work lights. Work lights are typically high powered and very bright lights that construction workers use to light up an area at night (similar to daylight) so they can work on construction projects at night.

Battery and light technology haver improved so much over the years, there are now some relatively affordable and effective battery powered work lights on the market. Through my research I came across Sanlinkee LED Rechargeable Work Lights. You never know if positive reviews are correct or fake, so it’s trail and error when finding something new. Luckily, I didn’t have to buy several brands, the Sanlinkee LED Rechargeable Work Light worked great for my needs, it’s very powerful and feels well built. I actually purchased several for camping and home use.

Product Specs per the Manufacturer

MaterialNylon & TPR
Battery4400mAh Polymer Battery
Lamp beadsCOB + XPG Bead / Power: 30W per Lamp Bead
Lumen3000 Lumens
Battery TimeSingle Light About 8 Hours, Double Lights About 5 Hours
Rotation Angle180° Rotating Stand
Charging Method5V USB
Net weight (About)520g
Package List1*Work Light / 1*USB Cable / 1* User Manual

Product Highlights per the Manufacturer

  • 3000 LUMENS OUTPUT & COB LED CHIPS — Using COB + XPG LED light source that output a total of 3,000 lumens, makes it easy to light large areas and provide bright light without using a lot of energy — closest light to sunshine, more efficient and bright for lighting.
  • SPOT & FLOOD COMBO BEAM — 3 Modes of light are offered: Spot light, flood light, Hight light. The spot beam could focus precisely enough the beam, suitable for long-range light applications. The flood beam help to work on close-range for broad view area. Hight light modes offering a perfect focused light with large-angle flood beam around to achieve both longer range and wider vision.
  • USB RECHARGEABLE & LONG RUN TIME — Powered by 2 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries (built-in 4400mAh), equipped a USB cable allows work continuously for 8-hour maximum. It can be operated as a power bank in case of an emergency. It is a must-have work light or emergency light for your home or travel.
  • PORTABLE TOOL & IP64 WATERPROOF — Foldable handle and 180-degree rotation design, light can be direct to the key-note areas. IP64 waterproof rating, ensure the rechargeable work light works fine on a rainy day and no harm from water splashing from all angles.
  • WIDELY USED — Weight only 1 pounds, comparatively compact and easy to carry or put onto the ground.

My Thoughts

Below are some pictures where I used the Sanlinkee LED Rechargeable Work Lights for a home improvement project where I was converting my light fixtures from fluorescent to LED. I even placed the Sanlinkee LED Rechargeable Work Light on the hood of my car because it had soft rubber on the stand and base so it would not damage my car hood paint.

Below are pictures and video of camp cooking. In the video, first you see how effective the camping lantern is while cooking at night, then I turn on the Sanlinkee LED Rechargeable Work Light…big difference. And, I used a lantern stand to hang the Sanlinkee LED Rechargeable Work Light on.

So, the Sanlinkee LED Rechargeable Work Light has worked out great for me. It provides a lot of light, batteries seem to last a while (I haven’t tested the actual run time, but I’ve never run out before finishing my tasks), lightweight, easy to position, etc. I would recommend without reservation.

Where to Buy

Below are links to the Sanlinkee LED Rechargeable Work Light, as well as the lantern stand in case you need it for camp cooking.

Sanlinkee LED Rechargeable Work Light –

Coleman Lantern Stand –

Thanks for checking out my my real life Sanlinkee LED Rechargeable Work Light Review. I hope you found it helpful!

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