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OPOLAR Battery Operated Fan Review

If you’re looking for some extra airflow in your travel trailer, then check out my OPOLAR Battery Operated Fan Review.

The Problem

Many travel trailers have only one air conditioning unit and so cool airflow can be lacking in some areas of the travel trailer. For us, the airflow is not so great in the kids bunk bed area.

So, I started looking into options. I first considered buying a plug in fan, but the issue is that we don’t always have electricity hookups at our campsite. And, I was wary of battery operated fans because of weak air flow and short battery life.

My Choice

After doing some research online, I noticed that many battery operated fans are now larger and have a longer battery life. So, I decided to buy the OPOLAR Battery Operated Fan because it had overall good reviews.

Seller’s Specifications

  • A portable outdoor / indoor clip on fan is configured with a long-run durable 10000mAh polymer battery with both Micro-USB and USB-C charging ports for 2A fast recharging.
  • 4 speed setting: 3 speed setting + 1 energy saving setting.
  • 8 inches blades.
  • Various features and functioning: fast recharge; speed controls from LOW to HIGH, charge and discharge and protective SAVING modes.
  • The Desk fan has a large clamp and pivots that enable 360 Degree rotation. The tough clamps allow you to secure the fan with other objects like a rope, a treadmill.

My Thoughts

The OPOLAR Battery Operated Fan has, in my opinion, strong air flow and good battery life. The fan worked out so great that I purchased a second one so I would have a fan for each of the bunk beds.

I also like the design, specifically the large clamp base. I can stand the fan upright or clamp it on something. We actually clamp it on the wall in the bunk bed area. You can also keep it plugged in all the time if you have electrical hookups at your campsite. We also use the fan in the car when one of our kids sits in the third row of the SUV, helps to keep the kids from getting car sick. I would definitely recommend this fan.

I hope you found my OPOLAR Battery Operated Fan Review helpful!

Where Can You Purchase?

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OPOLAR 10000mAh 8-Inch Rechargeable Battery Operated Clip on Fan –

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