My Favorite Low Carb Drinks

As I mentioned in my previous post, I lost about 50 lbs when I changed my diet and focused on eating low carb unprocessed and organic foods as much as possible. So, below is a a list of my favorite low carb drinks. Note, I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, so you should consult with your doctor or nutritionist before trying any new diet.

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Coffee (0 carbs per cup)

I love coffee and I drink about 1-2 cups of black coffee per a day. 1 cup of black coffee is low in calories, sugar free, fat free, cholesterol free and has zero carbs. I’ve tried many types over the years, starting with coffee brands that I could find at the local supermarket, then I moved to specialty brands. My current favorite brand is Chocolate Fish, specifically the Guatemala blend. See link for current blends available at Chocolate Fish –

Coconut Water (22 grams carbs per cup)

I drink on average a 1 cup of coconut water daily when I need something sweet to drink. I typically buy the Costco case of Kirkland Signature Coconut Water or the Vita Coco Coconut Water, both have about 22 grams carbs per cup. While I could buy the zero carb flavored drinks, I prefer to go with natural juices as much as possible. Below are links to purchase both:

Tea/Iced Tea (0 carbs per cup)

I drink hot tea or iced tea everyone once in a while. Many believe tea has health benefits, not sure if true or not, but I enjoy the taste and the fact that it has zero carbs. Note, tea typically has caffeine, so if you’re sensitive to it you should check with your doctor. I like earl grey tea and Genmaicha tea. Genmaicha tea is a Japanese brown rice green tea consisting of green tea mixed with roasted popped brown rice. Below is a link to the Genmaicha tea I like to drink. For earl grey tea, I pick up whatever is convenient at the grocery store.

Frozen Strawberry Smoothie (26 grams of carbs per cup)

I’ve recently been drinking frozen strawberry smoothies, I like the flavor and texture. I tried some other types like blue berry and avocado smoothies, but they were not for me.

I make my smoothie by blending 1 cup (or sometimes 2 cups) of coconut cream (around 12 grams of carbs) and 1 cup of frozen strawberries (13.6 grams of carbs). Note, the smoothie turns out much different if you don’t use frozen strawberries. Below is a link to one of the brands of coconut cream I’ve used, but I generally buy whatever is on sale.

Personal Blender

I purchased a personal blender a couple of months ago to blend my smoothies. I wanted a blender that was small (minimize counter space use and easy to clean) and one that had plenty of power so the motor would not get burned out by daily use. I’ve had personal blenders before, but either the motor would burn out or something on the blender would break. So, I found the OYeet Personal Blender Shakes and Smoothies 10 Sec Quick Nutrition Extractor 1000W. It has plenty of power and to me it feels well built and sturdy…haven’t had any issues with it so far. Below is a link to purchase.

Water is also a low carb drink, so be sure to drink plenty of water through out the day. I hope you found this is of my favorite low carb drinks informative. Below are links to other low carb posts I’ve written.

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