Sushi Roll Recipe

Ever thought about making restaurant quality sushi rolls at home, but never knew where to start? Below is my sushi roll recipe and step by step instructions to help get you started.

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Tools you’ll need to make sushi rolls

Cutting board

Bowls and spoons (1 for water, 1 for crab mix, 1 for sauce)

Kitchen scissor


Kitchen knife

Rice paddle/spoon

Sushi rolling bamboo mat – (mat only) or (kit: chop sticks, mat, rice spoon, rice spreader)

Plastic wrap

Plastic sandwich bag

Rice cooker or pot to cook rice


Note, you may use what every brand of ingredients and put whatever type of ingredients you want in your sushi rolls, below are brands/ingredients I like.

Nishiki medium grain rice –

Mizkan vinegar sushi seasoning for sushi –

Olive oil or cooking oil

Kewpie mayonnaise –

Sriracha hot chili sauce

Sushi grade fish (salmon, tuna, albacore, etc.)

Kani Kamaboko Imitation crab stick


Shrimp tempura –

Roasted seaweed sheets –

Green onions

Masago (seasoned capelin roe) –

Kikkoman soy sauce –

When you buy fish for your sushi rolls, I would recommend finding a store that specializes in sushi grade fish for best taste and safety. You’ll just want to ask the fish department at the store before you buy.

I was not able to find links on Amazon for some of the ingredients that I actually used, so I’ve provided some links to similar ingredients if you’d like to order through Amazon.: masago, roasted seaweed sheets, shrimp tempura.

Step 1: Cook and prepare the rice

Typically rice takes about 20-30 minutes to cook in a rice cooker. If you don’t have a rice cooker, then you can use a regular pot to cook it, here’s an article I found on how to cook rice on a stove, click here.  After you’ve cooked the rice, you’ll want to put in a bowl and mix in 1-2 or more table spoons of Mizkan vinegar sushi seasoning. You’ll really want to use your judgement when adding this seasoning, the goal is to add enough for taste, but you don’t want to add too much so the rice becomes watery/mushy.

Step 2: Prepare the shrimp tempura, imitation crab mix, cut avocados and green onions

If you have a deep fryer (see my deep fryer review), turn it on, then fry the shrimp tempura. If you don’t, then you’ll want to use a pan and some oil to fry up the shrimp tempura or you may be able to warm up in the oven, see instructions on box.

Open Kani Kamaboko Imitation crab stick package and remove 2-4 crab sticks and mix with the Kewpie mayonnaise. It’s like making tuna fish or chicken salad sandwich. Then, slice avocado and green onions.

Step 3: Prepare fish

Remove fish from package and slice as shown below so that you can place slices on top of sushi rolls.

Step 4: Prepare sushi mat and seaweed

Wrap the sushi mat in plastic wrap and place on cutting board. Open roasted seaweed package, remove one sheet, then cut it in half and place on the sushi mat lengthwise.

Step 5: Start building sushi roll

Use rice spoon to scoop seasoned rice onto seaweed. You can use a bowl of water to rinse your fingers as you apply the rice so they don’t get to sticky.

Cover the seaweed with a thin layer of rice. You don’t want the layer of rice to be too thick otherwise your roll will be too wide and have an unfavorable ingredients to rice ratio. You’ll want to make sure the rice covers all of the seaweed all the way to the edges so when you roll it up the rice can stick to rice.

Then flip over the rice/seaweed so rice is face down. Add the crab mix, avocado and shrimp tempura along the edge of the seaweed. Then, slowly lift up the sushi mat from the side that is closest to you and roll up the ingredients in the roll. See below.

Step 6: Cut, plate and add finishing touches

Remove sushi roll from sushi mat, place on cutting board. Place slices of fish on top of the roll. Cover top of sushi roll with plastic wrap, it helps keep the sushi together when you cut it.

When you cut the sushi roll, if needed you should stop and wipe the rice residue that has stuck to the knife with with a wet towel/sponge and water because the rice on the knife will make it harder to cut the roll. After you’ve cut the roll, remove the plastic and plate.

Mix the sauce, Kewpie mayonnaise and Sriracha hot chili sauce in a bowl, then put into a plastic sandwich bag and cut the corner. Then, drizzle sauce onto the sushi roll to your liking. Last, sprinkle sliced green onions and masago.

Enjoy your homemade sushi rolls with soy sauce (and wasabi or sriracha if you like spicy) and if you like Japanese pickled ginger and garlic. Hopefully you found this sushi roll recipe and instructions helpful, enjoy your restaurant style sushi at home!

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