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Tech Tuesdays – First Manned Hyperloop Pod Test Run

On November 8, 2020, Virgin Hyperloop completed the world’s first successful test of a manned hyperloop pod on its hyperloop test track in Las Vegas, Nevada. The manned pod traveled around 100 miles per a hour on Virgin Hyperloop’s 500 meters long test track, See CNN video below.

Hyperloop is an experimental system of tubes with low air pressure through which a pod (vehicle carrying people and/or cargo) may travel substantially free of air resistance at projected speeds as high as 600 mph.

For example, in theory travel time between Los Angeles and San Francisco (California) in a hyperloop pod would be around 35 minutes.  Driving this distance in a car on I5 would take 6-7 hours assuming no traffic. Flying this distance using a commercial airline non-stop flight would take roughly around 1.5 hours.

Virgin Hyperloop plans to build a six-mile test facility in West Virginia and hopes that their hyperloop system will be certified in 2025/2026 and start hyperloop projects before 2030.

Hope you found my Tech Tuesdays – First Manned Hyperloop Pod Test Run post interesting. I plan to post every Tuesday about upcoming technologies that are interesting to me.

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