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Think Tank Scholar Flash Cards Review

My kids were having issues with memorizing basic addition and subtraction using their school class work and homework. So, I purchased 3 types of flash cards and am doing a review of the brand I liked the best. This is my real life Think Tank Scholar Flash Cards review.

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The Problem

For some reason, my kids classwork and homework were not adequately facilitating their memorization of basic addition and subtraction. So, I downloaded and printed worksheets I found through doing a search on Google. But, after my kids completed these math worksheets for several weeks, they still were not where they should be with memorizing answers to basic addition and subtraction problems. For example, if I asked them what is the answer to “8 + 7”? They would start counting their fingers, then later give me the answer.

So, I did some research online to find out what is the most effective technique to memorize math addition and subtraction problems. Below are some passages I found:

“…flashcards are hands-down the most effective way for motivated learners to study and retain factual knowledge…”

– Andrew Cohen, The Top 3 Reasons Why Flashcards Are So Effective

“Flash cards really work! They are the most effective way for students to study and retain knowledge.”

– RLS Tutoring Inc., How Do Flash Cards Benefit Learning?

“Flash cards are an age-old method for improving students’ abilities to recall information and understand concepts.”

– Carson Dellosa Education, Studying 101: Why flash cards work

The Solution

So, I started looking into flash card brands online. I purchased three different brands. Two of the brands I did not care for had the following attributes:

  • Cards were made of light weight paper, from copy paper thickness to slightly thicker
  • Cards did not have any coating to protect the paper, easier to damage
  • No tools included to help organize the flash cards
  • No suggestions included regarding strategies on various ways to use the flash cards

The third brand, the brand I was impressed with, was the Think Tank Scholar Flash Cards. They included both addition and subtraction math problems, whereas some brands offer addition and subtraction flash cards separately. Also, the cards are made from a heavy weight card stock and are laminated. Below are the product specifications from the company.

  • 346 adding and subtracting flash cards
  • For use by primary school students in kindergarten and grades 1, 2, and 3
  • All addition facts 0-12 and subtraction facts 0-17
  • +4 addition and +2 subtraction bonus facts
  • Graphic illustration on back of cards help child clearly understand the math fact
  • Color coded addends and minuends for targeted practice
  • Exclusive tab system allows adults to organize the cards their child has mastered vs unmastered
  • Each card includes one rounded corner and is the perfect card size for faster sorting and orientation
  • Laminated flashcards are made from high-quality card stock and come in extra-sturdy boxes for storage
  • Comes with 10 teaching methods and 10 fun learning games
  • Includes the full addition and subtraction charts for reference
  • Product dimensions: 6 x 5.7 x 3.9 inches
  • Item weight: 3.09 pounds

My Thoughts

I’ve been using these flash cards and I’m seeing improvement in their memorization of basic addition and subtraction problems and answers. Regarding the Think Tank Scholar Flash Cards attributes, I really like their thick high quality cards. I can see these cards holding up over the long term since I’ll need to use them for all three of my kids. Also, the numbers are large and easy to read and the additional organizing cards are a nice bonus to keep me organized. I like that the company included suggestions for different ways to use the flash cards, see the “Games Card.”

Hope you found my Think Tank Scholar Flash Cards Review helpful! Happy studying!

Where can you buy these flash cards?

Think Tank Scholar Flash Cards – https://amzn.to/2SBx1oo

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