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OXO Meat Tenderizer Review

My kids like making and eating tonkatsu, a Japanese dish that consists of a breaded, deep-fried/tempura pork cutlet. We use chicken instead of pork. Having the right tools when cooking can be the difference between having a fun and enjoyable experience or a long and tedious experience. When making tonkatsu, the most important tool is the meat tenderizer or meat pounder. This is my OXO Meat Tenderizer review.

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As my kids got older and showed an interest in cooking, I started them with making tonkatsu. They wanted to pound the chicken, but they found that the all aluminum pounder I had caused them fatigue because it was too light, so they had to use more hand and arm muscle to pound the chicken.


As I made the tonkatsu more often, I noticed the fatigue too. So, I searched for other options. I noticed that my aluminum meat pounder was a little over 9 ounces in weight. So, I searched online and found the OXO Meat Tenderizer, it weighs over 14 ounces. It had good reviews, so I bought it. It was actually cheaper than my all aluminum meat pounder.


I’ve had my OXO Meat Tenderizer for a year now and I haven’t looked back. The weight difference of 5 ounces doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a huge difference when using it. I don’t need to use as much hand and arm strength to pound the chicken, I just let the weight of the pounder do the work. Hands feel just as good after I’m done pounding the chicken versus when I started.

Where to buy

So, I would recommend with out reservation the OXO Meat Tenderizer for anyone that tenderizes meat for their recipes. If you’d like to buy this meat pounder, visit this link, https://amzn.to/36FSila.

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